Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Trader Joe's Tuesday!

My sister has been dreaming of a day where we can load up, truck into Fort Worth, find parking, and check out the new Trader Joe's!
Today that day came!

We loaded in my Mom's car and away we went!  Can I just tell you that with all the hype surrounding this grocery you should have seen the small plot of Earth the store is on.  Seriously the doctor's office has a bigger parking lot.  Fortunately for us, not many people rushing the doors at 1:30pm on a Tuesday afternoon!!!

The grocery is small but cool!  The employees are super friendly and walk around begging to get you samples.  Um, yes please!  One employee found me and said she had been looking for me around the store to try some chocolate covered super fruit she saw me eye balling!  Nicest lady ever!!
Sara did some pre-planning and read up on some must haves.
Here is what I ended up buying today of the must haves with a few other things thrown in due to great samples...
1.  Cinnamon raisin bread that Sara actually bought.  She was willing to share a few pieces for some serious French Toast action in the morning!

2.  White Cheddar corn puffs:  very much like Pirate's Booty but cheaper and less calories per serving=Double Win!

3.   Hummus Dip:  haven't tried it but have never eaten a Hummus dip I didn't like!

4.  The HOLY GRAIL:  Cookie Butter!!!!!!!OMG!  Yes, Cookie Butter!  I swear this must be what is served in heaven all day long!  So delish that tonight Luke and I ate it on really old hot dog buns that may have had a few moldy flecks!  We didn't even care!!!!

5.  Vanilla Chai Spice Coffee:  Mom, Sara, and I tried some on this pleasant 140+ degree day and it was good.  Will be better in the Winter time though!

6.  Gummy Bears:  cause Luke doesn't think shopping on a Tuesday afternoon is fun! 

Have you been to TJ's??? If so, what are some must haves??!!!!

Katy Cats!

I have always loved Pop music.  I remember being a bit obsessive about Pop stars growing up.  There were many video shoots in my bedroom and countless hours of decorating with New Kids on the Block posters and memorabilia!

Fast forward to adulthood.  I still love Pop music!  Luke and I can rock out a good KISS FM song anyday.  I am a little guarded when it comes to whom I let in on my Pop star obsession.

Enter my best friends daughter, Bella.  Bella is a 5 year old spit fire.  She is exactly why God did not give me a girl! 
This sweet girl loves her some Katy Perry, and when I say love I may mean obsessed with!  She is me all over again!
When Katy Perry's movie came out I knew this was my chance to channel my child again and asked Bella's mom if I could take her.  Not only was it time to bond, but she would make a good cover up for the way too old lady going alone to a Katy Perry movie!

Here is my date before the movie started.  Can you tell she was a little excited!

You never know what to expect with this type of behind the scenes movie.  I worried that it would be WAY inappropriate and there would be lots of foul language.
To my surprise it was AWESOME and pretty wholesome!  There was one song that had some inappropriate content but it was lost on Bella!

By the end of the movie there had been some crying, singing out loud, and rockin' in the movie theatre chair.  The details of who would do that get kinda foggy in my old lady brain!

The ride home was the icing on the cake.  We reminisced about our favorite parts of the movie and found a Pandora Katy Perry station to rock with on the way home!

While I was driving Bella applied some of her personal make up she brought along.  She told me it was from California like Katy Perry and to please not tell her Mom she put on make up in the car. 
There was makeup from scalp to chin when she hopped out of the car!  I don't think her Mom would have ever guessed:)

Thanks Melissa for letting me enjoy your little Katy Cat for the day!