Friday, November 11, 2011

Scentsy Shopping Party!

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Monster Mash anyone?

Ah, my most favorite holiday!  What other holiday do you have an excuse to dress up like this...

One of our family goals was once we were in the new house to start hosting more.  This was the inaugural party at Big Top!  It was Halloween from floor to ceiling!
Thanks to Pinterest and some super cool and crafty friends it was a "spook"tacular event!

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

ACL, What the Hell!

Two weeks ago we had gorgeous weather, perfect for planting new flowers!  Mike and I had a "kid free" Saturday afternoon, thanks to the grandparents that seem to steal him every Saturday after soccer, so we set out to planting some Fall color and watching the air show from our driveway.  Our rather lazy Lab, Sophie, was so excited to have us alone.  You could just see it in her eyes!! Those big brown eyes were screaming, "Thank you Jesus for some alone time with my mom and dad and not that crazy small fry who loves to call me Skitz and make me do stupid tricks for no treats!!!".  Now be a dear and let me out of this house immediatley!"
The poor dog, who is almost 9, rarely goes out in the front.  She refuses to follow any rules about staying in our yard and not chasing anyone who makes eye contact with her.  We gave in and let her out with us anyways.  Big mistake...HUGE!
As we were coming from the back yard to the front she took off, tail tucked in front of us and jumped off our small retaining wall.  That's all she wrote...
We heard the loudest yelp and saw her immediately on her side favoring her back leg.
Once we got her inside we realized that she had hurt her left back leg....
Let me pause and back up for a minute...
Almost 5 years ago when I was 7 months pregnant we had taken Sophie to the dog park, where she proceeded to butt into another dog's game of fetch and blow out her right ACL.  So, 7 months pregnant we had the joy of spending some saved up baby money on a new knee for the dog baby!  We were told at that time that it would be about 5 years before the other leg would do the same from all the extra strain.
Fast forward 4 1/2 years later and here we are!!
The next morning we took her to our vet where they confirmed what we already knew.  She had blown out her left ACL!
Mike took her last week to the surgeon for a consult and an invoice of $4,000 dollars!  NOT A TYPO!
As for Sophie she is loving the extra TLC and the twice a day feedings she has to have to go along with her pain meds!  We are hoping to get a second opinion or find a doctor who loves to do pro-bono work on dogs, or get her a cool wheelchair for her back legs(just kidding-maybe)!
Here's our 3 legged girl doing what she does best...

Stay at Home Mom!

Sometimes I wish so badly that I could be the Mom that surprises her son with lunch at school, volunteers at the school, runs errands during the day while everyone is at their 9 to 5, and wears her gym clothes to car pick up!

Other times I want to cringe at the thought...

On the day of the field trip I got a day in the life of a stay at home momma! 
While Luke went back to school after the Fire Station field trip, I got to run errands at Walmart, which was surprisingly busy.  What do all those people do?  When I picked him up he got to choose any place for lunch..McDonald's!  This was the 3rd time that week we ate Mickey D's!  No judging!
Then we headed to the Flower Mound pumpkin patch.  We have not been in several years due to the fact we always have to go on the weekends along with 900 other families.
It was so great!  We parked on the first row and Lucas had free reign of all the bounce houses and slides he could stand!

After 3 hours of fun and a super sweaty boy, we drove home and watched the planes doing test runs for the Alliance Air Show from our backyard!
Talk about a noisy nap time, but we manager to both squeeze one in!!!!!

I am so thankful for this opportunity!  I am fortunate to work and be a Mom at the same time!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Lucas' first field trip!

I cannot believe that my little guy is about to be a Kindergartner in less than a year!  Slow down time!!!!!
We LOVE his preschool teacher and his class and he even gets to be there with his favorite girl, Bella!
A couple of weeks ago their class was headed to the Fire Station for a little bit of fire safety fun.  Luckily for me, my parents were in Vegas so it was the perfect excuse to play "Mom" for the day!
(Sidenote:  I am not always in mom mode and kinda forgot to check and double check the location of the fire station!  Oops-let's just say we toured another fire station and were even offered a ride on the fire truck to get to the correct one! UGG!)
Lucas had a cool time seeing where the fire fighters sleep and eat when on duty.  They explored the massive trucks with neat gear and everyone got to sit in the drivers seat! 

At the end of the field trip they turned on the truck sirens and completely scared all the kids!
We were told ahead of time that after the field trip we were welcome to take our kids and not go back to school if we so desired (genius teacher!), but guess who insisted that I take him back to school for a  whopping 45 minutes??????

We were in charge of snacks for the day so my friend Courtney made these adorable fire truck cookies!

Sweet Mrs. Wendy let me come in a little early and watch Luke share for show-n-tell!  I am so proud of my little learner and grateful to share in his first field trip adventure!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Whew!  You can tell by my blogging hiatus that school has started and Fall is here!
I love Fall with all my heart!  Everything about it is greatness.  From the nip in the air, to party planning, to a rockin' Halloween party- I just can't get enough of this season!
Here's an update on what Fall looks like this year in the World of Woods...
No, this is NOT a Halloween decoration in our house!  Just a large friend Lucas found under the couch!

Our Ninja! 
It took a couple of weeks to decide on this cool onesis GEM of a costume!

Yes, I will go to Walmart everyday if I can walk out to see this!

The obsession begins...
My first Pinterest creation!

Thanks to my sister for the first one of the season!
AHH... Pumpkin Spice Latte you bring me such warm joy!

What are some things you love about Fall!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's Too Hot...

to blog, play outside, clean house, get up early, stay up late...the list could go on and on.
So, this is how I spend the dog days of summer!!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's Already July? I Think I Might Cry...

Throughout June I don't have a care in the world, but something in my brain switches after July 4th.  I begin to hoard Target Dollar bin junk, stalk teaching blogs, and have nightmares dreams about a wonderful new year of teaching.  I have to say that this summer I am not looking forward to going back.  Maybe its that I have been more of a homebody decorating the house spending my day in my jammers, or the wonderful pool that calls to me and my little fish daily, or the fact that the TRE not passing will bring on a "new" kinda normal.  I DO NOT like "new"!
So, Friday Luke and headed out for the first of many teaching tools explorations!  Here's what we scored yesterday...
Nothing like some tubs, flash cards, index card holders, magnets, and alphabet Bingo
Here is a super awesome math station storage idea I found while blog stalking!
Idea courtesy of:

Calling all teachers...
What are some cool things you have scored for your class.  Please share:)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Blog Challenge #10: To Infinity and Beyond

Doesn't this guy just make you want to smile:) 
For the last edition of the blog challenge I am sharing my infinity and beyond!

My Goals for the Future...
*start some kinda workout routine-I am way off at this current time and have just gotten plain LAZY!
*explore some DIY projects for the house
*take a photography class and rock the cool camera we have
*be a hostess more often-I tend to be a MAJOR homebody and need to put myself out there more!
*stop and smell the roses-I always feel like I have to be doing something
*lay off the TV more and get a hobby (EWWWW!)
*find ways to love my hubs and little squirrel more
*begin talks about family expansion in the next 100 years or so!

Thank you for joining me on this blog challenge adventure.  It has been a blast and who knows, maybe I will just keep going!!!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blog Challenge #9: Kitchen's Closed

I have to admit, we are not so adventurous when it comes to eating out.  I wish we were, but it's expensive to eat out and not enjoy it!  We usually frequent places we know are a sure thing and with the ultimate picky eaters (Mike and Luke) our choices are beyond limited.  Last weekend, my parents kept Luke so Mike and I had a little date night.  We ventured out to try a new restaurant close to where we live that I have been hearing rave reviews about...
We LOVED it!  We went at 6:00 pm on a Saturday night and walked right in and were seated.  Bonus, because we were crazy hungry!  We opted for the fried mozzarella sticks (duh!) which had a rockin' great marinara sauce!  The bread basket was so-so, nothing that special.  We each ordered a separate meal.  Here is my little plate o' heaven...

Penne alla Vodka with chicken
 This is Mike's...
Baked Ziti with Chicken
We split this...
Holy Cannoli
I would highly recommend this restaurant!  The service was great, the atmosphere was quaint, and the food rocked my socks off!

Blog Challenge Day #8: Book Worms Are Cool!

Summer is the best for reading.  During the busy school year it is almost impossible for me to get into a book.  By the time my head hits the pillow I either want to sleep or watch mindless TV.  Good thing the summer TV schedule is awful and I can get in my reading quota for the year.  I also LOVE requesting books at the library, waiting for them to come in, and going to get them!  It's like Christmas in July really!  And if the book is awful I'm out only a 5 minute drive!  Here is what is currently sitting on my nightstand waiting to be read...
Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen by Susan Gregg Gilmore
Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah
Parents magazine-July (no spine due to the poor, sweaty door to door postman!  Those men and women deserve a raise during the summer months!!)
The complete book of Curtains, Drapes, and Blinds  (thank you Melissa for letting me borrow this!)

What are you reading this summer?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blog Challenge #7: Hey, Good Lookin'! Whatcha Got Cookin'?

I love to know what people are eating.  That was usually the first question my mom asked every time she saw my sister and me after school.  Well, I have followed in those same footsteps and love to find out what everyone around me is feasting on or has in their fridge and pantry.  This is hot topic #1 at lunch everyday at school. 
Here is the current state of my fridge, freezer, and pantry.  (FYI:  I love what my fridge looks like right after grocery shopping-so full and pretty and ORGANIZED!)

Fridge favorites include:  Horizon Organic Cow Milk, sliced cheese, Barefoot twist top wine, chocolate pudding, pickles, and Dijionnaise mustard
(We do have fruits and veggies-they were drying on the counter)
Freezer favorites:  Freezer pops, frozen mugs for milk, garlic Texas Toast, 100 calorie ice cream sammies
Pantry favs:  Oats oatmeal, Pop Tarts (brown sugar), Baked Cheetos, my brown box of greatness that holds all my WW recipes that is alphabetized and wonderful!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blog Challenge #6: It's All About the Benjamins, baby!

For this blog challenge I am to imagine that I wake up and there is a crisp hundi sitting on my pillow.  How would I spend this cool Benjamin you ask....

On this...
Laser Hair Removal

Now, I know that $100 dollars would probably only get me a small fraction of that baby bottom skin I so desire, but it would also keep me from looking like this...
What are your thoughts about Laser Hair removal?  I would love some first hand experience to help me on this hairLESS journey!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Blog Challenge Day #5: Happiness is...

I looked up the definition of happiness on Wikipedia and I think I am more convinced that happiness cannot have a true definition.  I think everyone has their own definition of happiness that is meaningful to their life.
Here is the meaning of happiness in my life...
Meeting up with an old friend, talking for 4+ hours at Chick fil A, and never missing a beat!

Our adorable children who also acted as if they had known each other for years!
Doing something really special for my parents with the most special people in my life!
Having a sister!
Sweet treats with my 2 favorite guys!

Okay this last one I CANNOT believe I am about to post, but truly happiness consists of this in the summer!
The sleeping beauty and his scary ogre momma!

Happiness Friday Peeps!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blog Challenge Day #4: Do the Shuffle

So for Day #4 I found my ipod hidden in my nightstand and hit shuffle
Here are the 5 songs that played!

1.  Stan  by Eminem and Dido
2.  Whipping by Pearl Jam
3.  Intergalactic by The Beastie Boys
4.  Money by Pink Floyd
5.  All Along the Watchtower by Dave Matthews Band