Sunday, November 7, 2010

Keep Austin Weirder

We all know that there will never be a shortage of weirdos in Austin, but this festival might just bring out the cream of the crop! I love this place!!!! I can't really tell you about many bands during the weekend, but I can however, tell you about many strange sightings I encountered... Nothing says breast cancer awareness like a couple of hotties in pink short shorts!

To infinity and beyond!


So you may say that these gorgeous girls are weird, but what was really weird was the 60+ year old man taking our picture who was super gone and just wanted to have 2 cuties take a picture with him for his birthday, all while spilling his entire drink on himself.
Keep Austin weird baby!

Camp Granny Panty!

Mike and I found that last year you set up a camp marker flag so your friends can find you easier through the sea of people. We also happened upon an amazing camp last year that roped their site of with Caution tape. Well, this year we set out to impress. Our entire camp was wrapped in Caution tape and we sported a sweet flag made from a cane fishing pole and topped with a VERY large pair of soft pink silk Granny panties! The icing on the cake was the lighted fishing bobber at the top for better view from the space shuttle!!! And at night you could also find us with about 50 glow sticks decorating the site and each camp member wearing their fashionable blinking Halloween necklace. Hey, all I know is that we had many an onlooker and no one got lost!
Camp Granny Panty coming to fruition!

God Bless the USA!

In all her nighttime glory!

The end of a great weekend!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Austin City Limits 2010

Mike and I have made it a tradition to attend the Austin City Limits festival every year. This was our second year. Last year, we survived crazy rain and mud so we welcomed the summer-like temps! We even brought along some of our favorite peeps!
ACL entrance

Our crew day #1

Our crew day 2

2 hot rocker chicks!

Our crew day 3

There were so many blog worthy incidents that happened this weekend that there will be multiple posts!

Go Stars!

Mike's bro won some amazing Stars tickets at work and invited us along! We had a great time and Luke cheered hard for the Brahmas, I mean Stars! Opening ceremony
A happy fan!

Stars fans

Me and My Boo!

Yeah! The Stars won 4-1!

Super Hero Halloween

Our amazing besties have a Halloween party every year. This year was a "Couples Costume Required" invitation and we were more than happy to search for the perfect couples costume! I borrowed my sister's Wonder Woman costume and Mike found his alter ego-Captain America. We were late due to Mike getting all his "bits and pieces" in proper order. Let's us know if you need us to SAVE the DAY or rent us out for your children's parties. (Mike's bits and pieces not included!!!) The host and hostess~The Addams' Family!
Kuddos to Chris for growing a great 'stache and for Melissa for rockin' the most beautiful Morticia I have eva seen!
We had a Spooktacular time!

Happy Halloween Woody style!

Halloween is always a fan favorite in our house. After weeks of wrestling with Luke that he could not be a golfer AGAIN, he broke me down into buying a store bought costume. I like to buy costumes a little less commercial so he stands out in the crowd, but we braved Party City and let him pick out his own costume. He fittingly chose, Woody from Toy Story. Store bought, but oh so cute! Happy Halloween 2010
At Luke's school they had a Fall Festival. Everyone was asked to dress in costume for a parade and carnival activities. I was so excited to get to be "Mom" for the afternoon. As I watched Luke in class I am starting to see more of me in him. I sat their with sweaty palms as each child shared their costume and then chose the next child to share. I was praying that Luke would be picked. He was and did a great job sharing his costume and "hamming" it up for the audience and then bonking another kid on the head to share. We will work on gentle touches!!!!
He was a great listener and really loved his teacher. He was a bit of a daydreamer and was in awe of everyone around him. I love that about him. He soaks it all in and isn't the "pushy/grabby" kid that annoys everyone! It was a good time and cool to see him in his element away from us!

Luke got his face painted, which was a total shocker!

Just a cool "Monster Truck" in the parking lot we had to get a picture next to!

Luke with his ladies. Minnie Mouse is Luke's little lady friend!

(Pardon the hand on the weinus! He is ALL boy!)

Happy Halloween from Woody!


I haven't blogged in ages but thanks to this horrific virUS floating around our house it has forced me to
(a)be gone 3 out of 5 days from work
(b)not move for almost 2 days from bed
(c)attempt to catch up on all my bloggins that I have been neglecting for soooo long.
**Recap...over the Halloween weekend we went to some friends block party to eat, play, and Trick or Treat. At the block party there was a communal eating table where everyone brought treats(mistake numero uno). We enjoyed the evening and came home with lots of loot! Monday was uneventful until bedtime. Luke was whiny and didn't want to sleep in his bed, which is rather strange for him unless its the weekend. At about 11:45 when M was coming to bed he woke me up to ask me if he could get Luke out of bed to sleep with us. Weird for M to say, but I will never turn down a snuggle opportunity. This is what I heard coming from down the hall...."OH NOOOOOOOOO!" Then I heard the bath water. Yep, the virUS had begun. Luke proceeded to barf in his bed, our bed, on every blanket we own, and in the trash can literally every 20 minutes until 5:30am! He finally went to sleep with me on his bedroom floor (remember all beds have been puked on) and slept until 8:45. The first words out of his mouth were, "Hi Mama, can I have some milk?" My boy was back and he spent the rest of the day his usual self. We spent the day at my Mom and Dad's(mistake numero dos) due to a house showing and life was again back to normal.
Wednesday after I picked Luke up from my Mom's I felt really weird and had no appetite. I raced home to put on my pajamas and quickly get into bed. Mike knew something was up when he got home and nothing was done. I like to have all my ducks in a row as soon as I get home from work. Less than 15 minutes later, after many attempts to supress the urge, the virUS reared it ugly head again on me. I would not wish this on my worst enemy. I called my mom to let her know and she was down and out with it as soon as we left her house. Mike talked to her about an hour later and my Dad had come from work with the same virUS. Later, he talked to our friend from the block party and the entire neighboorhood was battling the virUS. Needless to say, we have all been sucker punched and are now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!
Word to the wise~if someone has or has had a stomach bug stay FAR FAR AWAY!
More bloggies to come!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

There's No Place Like Home(s)????????

That's right! The title says Homes(S)!!!!! Two weeks ago, on Sunday, we put our house up for sale and purchased land to begin building our dream home!!! Yup, all in about 5 hours! We are now in the tricky phase called, OMG we just bought land to build and we are still in our house!!!!!! So, if you know someone who is looking for a move in ready house, we have the house for you!!!! We will even throw in some ruby red slippers!
Here is what's been happening...

There she is! Our neighbors, who we LOVE, have not even stolen it out of the yard...YET!

House for sale models!
Putting the SOLD button on our brand new lot!!!
Our pretty plot 'o land!
This is what we do to get out of the house during showings!
Nothing like a little dress time in the mall!!!!!!
See, if you buy our house you are also buying some beautiful butterflies!

Keep us in your thoughts! I, for those who know me, am a planner and this whole leave the house everyday spotless, we'll give you 15 mintues to get out for a showing, find a spot for your dog so the potential buyers don't know you have one, hide the laundry, dirty dishes, and all your valuables routine is about to send me to the LOONY bin!

Dorothy, click those heels sista and make this happen!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth!

Zing Zang Zoom! came to town this week in Fort Worth.
Since I was very little I have had a love affair with the circus. My parents would always take Sara and me to every circus that came in town. One year we even got to ride on a circus trolley during the opening parade!!! In high school, my very first musical I was in was called Barnum, all about the life of Mr. P.T. Barnum himself!
As I got older I still loved the circus, but didn't go as often. Mike and I went one year while dating and Mike scored us some 4th row seats. To my dismay, seeing the circus up close and personal was not the best idea for a fan like myself. During this show the big "hook" was the world's smallest man! Well, we saw the big contraption move to the corner of the floor with a small man that looked truly dead. No kiddin', think Weekend at Bernie's! Then all of a sudden the lights were on him and BAM! this freaky man came to life, waving and flailing around like crazy!!
After this horrific event I have not been back to the circus until Wednesday!
My sister's amazing BFF, Liz, scored us 4 tickets and my parents took Luke and me!
The show was fabulous and everything a circus should be! Thank God we did not have up close seats, but rather seats that enabled us to see all 3 rings and there was NO world's smallest man, otherwise I would have caught up on some Facebook in the car! Luke loved every minute of it, as you will see from the pcitures!
Thank you Liz for this gift, especially from the Mom who now gets to share her love of theatrics with her theatrical son!

Ready for the circus!

He is excited despite the lackluster smile!

The wizard and his groupies!

This is some major belly laughing!!!!!

Okay, so my weird child did wear these the entire show! He's going through a noise sensitivity phase in his life!

Luke thought the show was Thumbs Up!

Nude dude ahead...

This is what a sugar rush after the circus looks like in our house!!
We continued the fun the next morning with some Cotton Candy breakfast but with clothes!!!!!

#1 Reason Why I LOVE Summer!

#1...This guy!
I have the best job in the world where I can spend 2+months with Luke! Every Summer just gets better and better! School starts back next week, so we are spending a lot of special time together doing our fair share of wrestling and perfecting our Wipeout moves! Love you tons, Lucas Corgan!

#2 Reasons Why I LOVE Summer!

#2...SHARK WEEK!!!!!
(Duh-Dum, Duh-Dum...)
We LOVE Shark Week during the Summer!!!!

So in honor of our favorite week Luke sported his Jaw Some jammies! Luke rules!

#3 Reasons Why I LOVE Summer!

#3...Popscicles in the Party Wagon!
Everytime it rains Luke wants to go outside and have popscicle in the back of the Armada! Luckily for us we got some much needed August rain, so we all (Sophie included) piled into the back of the truck for some Summer popscicles!

#4 Reasons Why I LOVE Summer!

#4...Bowling with my BOYS!
Luke completed one of his Potty Training charts and this time he chose to go Bowling!

Summer at School!

This was my last week to take my guy to school and I did make him pose for a picture every morning! He has had some great fun at school over the past month! He loves school, his friends, and is starting to mimic everything his teacher says and does! Our biggest goal when putting him into school was not academics. Of course we think he's the smartest kid on the planet, but being an only child he lacks social skills with kids! We have really seen him grow socially!!!! He talks about other kids and asks me to share when we are playing! We could not be more proud of our school guy!
Bring Daddy's tie day!

Precious boy!

Learning about Crabs and Lobsters in Maine

Look at those chompers!

Peace out!

Love him!