Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Into the Woods Wednesday

Weight Watchers and Willpower

With the house plans back on track I am struggling to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle, while packing and planning a move.

Being a lifetimer, I only have to weigh in once a month and knowing this has been a BAD thing for me! Since Spring Break, I have been "cheating" my way through meals Sunday through about Friday and then on Saturday I am drinking water and eating "air" to prepare for my small number on Sunday morning.


With the kitchen packed we have had to make some dinner sacrifices and plan for more "prepared" meals. These are killin' my points and number on the scale.

Luckily, breakfast and lunch are no brainer meals for me and portion control will have to be my bestie for the next couple of weeks during dinner.

Here's what I count on to get me through the week...

These yummy, salty, crunchy gems are 16 crackers for 4 points. Worth every point!!

1 point per slice-can you say HEAVEN!

This tangy, creamy spread is 0 points if used sparingly. That is a word I am working on! Love you Skinny Cows!!! I have some serious dreams about these bad boys! 4 points of pure bliss!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Maniac Monday

A Day with My Boy!

I rarely have time alone with my growing boy! Today I was so happy to wake up and remember that it was Monday Fun Day!

I worked a half day in the morning and then had the pleasure to pick Luke up from school.

Outside his class window! They have some talented teachers!

We had a lunch date at Rosa's!

No, he would not let me sit on the same side of the booth as him:(

Took him for his 4 year check up! Holy cow-he is 4!

I wasn't really freaked out about the well check until we got there and the receptionist taking my insurance goes, "Oh, he's here for his 4 year check? Ewww, this is the BIG one!"


Then inside the room the nurse basically said the same thing. My pits were a sweaty mess by this point!

We love our nurse practitioner! She rocks and is so real and honest and will talk your ear off, a girl after my own heart!

She loves to send nurses in to watch Luke sing Jessie's Girl and always lets him mess with all her gear! This visit was no different.

She scolded me for making him a separate meal than the one Mike and I eat, Luke asked her if she knew what bombs were (which she never batted an eye), and he even brushed her hair with my Mom's brush!

He got the pleasure of peeing in a cup, have a hearing and vision check, and 4 shots! Oh, that's what the receptionist and nurse meant. My Mom went to help me and she and Luke were both sobbing by the end~no help!

Here are his 4 year old stats....41 pounds and 40 3/4 inches tall! He scored 100% on his hearing and vision tests and all looks well! No more well check vaccines until he is 11! Woo-Hoo and Amen on that!

Then after a nap, we headed to his first swim lesson of the year!

He was a totally different kid this year! He immediately blew bubbles, put his face in the water, and jumped and went under twice!

Bonus-there are only 2 kids in the class. BOOYAH!

I am so thankful to steal moments like this with my favorite little guy!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Photo Friday

We had the pleasure of having a co-workers daughter take Lucas' 4 year old pictures at the Grapevine Train station. God Bless Tiffany for her hard work. Lucas had a bad case of the "No's" and was not in a picture frame of mind! They still, miraculously, turned out fantastic!!!

Here are a few of my favorites...

Happy Friday Peeps!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Into the Woods Wednesday-Casa de Woods

Judy House

I have been waiting to post anything about our house(s) for fear things would not happen! Mike has made me swear that I would not speak a word, in fear I would jinx the whole process. We have now starting talking to people about the plans ahead, so I felt it necessary to share with the blog world.

About 3 weeks ago we had a flock of people come to look at the house. In particular, 2 potential buyers that both seemed really interested. They both put in offers and we had the pleasure of choosing the best of the 2! We went from nothin' to somethin' in a flash! The potentials we went with are very eager to get into the house and the noisy backyard was a non-issue for them:)

They put down "good faith" money, had an inspection completed, and are currently working on the financing part and the appraisal. We are wrestling with Haltom City Public Works about a leak in the city water line that they claim is not theirs. Good luck dealing with my persistent hubs! If the appraisal goes well, then we should be signing away on Judy within the next 2 weeks!

Good news/bad news: they would like to be in by April 3rd-uhhhh! Anyone like to pack boxes and haul things to storage:)

New Casa

We were starting to plan a "bail out" plan for the new house. We were given a one month extension before we had to back out without loosing any money. Mike and I have been praying for God's will to be done, even if that meant not moving. In the past few months we bought a Saint Joseph statue on Amazon and buried it in the front flower bed. We prayed the prayer attached with it in the dark with flashlights, and waited for our intercessory prayer to take over. Well, our Realtors wife, who is Catholic, went to church the Sunday before the 2 offers and also prayer to Saint Joseph and what do you know! Thanks Anne and Saint Joseph for the small pokes on God's arm. I think he was a bit weary from hearing from me all the time!

The new house is coming along beautifully! ETA is the first of June. Until then we will be shacking up with Aunt Keko, Uncle Dodi, and Brutus. This is when most of the hard core praying should probably happen! I am looking forward to staying with my sis. I'm hoping she will want to repaint the room we are staying in lime green and put 2 day beds against opposite walls with sunflower bed spreads!

The praying should be focused on Mike,Shane, and Luke. Now they will have 2 McCord sisters under one roof keeping double eyes on them! Oh, this should get interesting:)

Here are some current pics of the new casa...

Front view

Side view of house
Stained cabinets
This is Luke's room.
There is a window seat built in which is already giving me heartburn!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Lucas

Just 4 very short years ago, at 10:40 pm, I got the pleasure to meet this guy!
In the past 4 years this guy has shown me patience, strength, determination, and joy.
Thank you Lucas Corgan for making me a Mommy!
Happy Birthday my love!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break Part 3

Birthday Bowling Bash
When we started planning Luke's 4th birthday party this year, we had already been to many school friends parties at some super cool places. Even with the sky as the limit he still wanted a bowling party, AGAIN!

So Main Event it was! For a first we invited his school buddies along with our other friends and family! It was beyond funny to see all the school friends run and chase each other. I guess they did miss each other over Spring Break!

My Mom ordered him a bowling shirt and we had it embroidered with his name! He for sure looked the part! He was the cutest bowling boy around! While everyone bowled I heard Lucas calling himself Jack Jurek,the professional bowler. The kids kinda looked at him crazy. That is how much he loves bowling! He even watches it on TV and knows bowlers names!
The party was a huge success and the only downfall was Luke didn't get a strike!!
Well, there's always next year:)

Bowling Boy!

Party Crew!

He loves his bowling!

Pizza and cupcakes

He got so excited that everyone sang to him he was speed clapping!

Luke and Uncle Ryan playing some Air Hockey

This party rocked for the adults too. Too bad my Dad schooled Shane(Shane said the game malfunctioned!)

Spring Break Part 2

Nothings and then some
The second half of Spring Break was spent doing a lot of nothing! Here are a couple of our highlights from the "nothing" part of the week...

Lucas and I saw a Roadrunner on 377! Coolness!!

We had a Starbucks date. Green Tea Frappe for Mom and Vanilla Milk for the Gent!

He LOVES his popcorn!
We saw Gnomeo and Juliet

Lucas loves this store display. It reminds him of Shaun the Sheep!

Spring Break 2011 Part 1

My blogs has been on a hiatus for longer than planned. I have survived Open House at school, (hopefully) selling Judy house, vacation, and Lucas' birthday! Here is a recap of all we have been up to...
Broken Bow, Oklahoma
Ever since Luke was born we like to celebrate his Spring Break birthday with a little vacation. The past 2 years we have gone to San Antonio to visit Shamu. We decided this year to take it to the country and stay in a cabin at Beaver Bend for some good ole' R and R!
We spent our days eating, playing, eating, board gaming, and doing a whole lotta nothing!

Lucas got to golf with the guys!
We celebrated Elton John style!

We ate lots of this!
(Sorry, Weight Watchers!)

Lucas named the house cat "Shelf". She almost came home with us until we learned she was 16 and pregnant!

He caught a BIG nothing!

The annual train ride

The Cotton Candy beard!

God's Country

Can't wait to go back!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Into the Woods Wednesday!

Weight Watchers

I am beyond beat down by this whole house business and I am and will always be grateful for everyone's encouragement and prayers!
So what do us women do when we are beat down, depressed, happy, sad????
Before all the house stuff I went to Boot Camp 3 days a week at 5:30am. To save money, I stopped going in August;telling myself I could just workout on my own. Hmmmmm? That always sounds like a good plan until you really have to do it, right?!
After several ladies on my team got on the eating healthy train, I decided to voyage back into the world of Weight Watchers. This is familiar territory for me! I have been a lifetimer for a while and I do know the Weight Watcher plan works for me. I am a planner and I love to have control over totalling points. I even like to have to weight for someone. It just keeps me honest about my eating. I have been faithfully going every Sunday morning at 8:30 and have lost about 6 lbs. so far! My body is not the same "Boot Camp" body that I miss terribly but I do feel better and have started taking Zumba with my Mom and Sister twice a week!
So, for a while I am going to designate Wednesdays to Weight Watchers and maybe post a recipe or 2!
Here are some foods that are keeping me sane right now...