Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blog Challenge Day #4: Do the Shuffle

So for Day #4 I found my ipod hidden in my nightstand and hit shuffle
Here are the 5 songs that played!

1.  Stan  by Eminem and Dido
2.  Whipping by Pearl Jam
3.  Intergalactic by The Beastie Boys
4.  Money by Pink Floyd
5.  All Along the Watchtower by Dave Matthews Band

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blog Challenge Day #3: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens

Brown paper packages tied up with strings

These are a few of my favorite things

This is a fun one! 
Here are some of the many favorites in my life!

My little one chillin' his 'roos!

Can't get enough of JT!

Yummy goodness!

Too many flavors-not enough summer!

Summer pedi's!

A daily facial!

The most comfy shoes on the planet-Sanuks

Anti-Kindle:  A good ole book that you can touch the pages from the library and a book light

Deliciousness in a box

Laugh if you must, but you may catch me in this most days!  Love my Moo-Moo's!
Woods family fun!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blog Challenge Day #2: Let's Make A Deal

Remember the old game show Let's Make a Deal with Monty Hall?  Ya know the one where you could possibly sit next to a couple dressed as bacon and eggs or win a cage full of chickens or a donkey by choosing the wrong door?  Well, my favorite part about the game show was the last 5 minutes where Monty Hall would stroll into the audience and ask Little Bo Peep if she had a hay penny or a box of bobby pins in her purse.  And lo and behold she would and would win like $20 smackers!  I remember watching that and saying, "one day I will be on that show and I will take the biggest purse I can find and pack it with the most random items so I can win some fast cash too!" 
Sadly, the game show went off the air and was later replaced with some lame updated version.  (FYI, it was probably off the air before I was even born or allowed to carry a purse), so this blog challenge will have to replace the whole in my heart left by Monty Hall.
I have emptied the contents of my purse for you to see what I carry on a semi-normal basis.  Remember I am a neat freak, so I let it get a little more messy than I could normally stand to keep the audience of 5 interested:)
First off, here is the purse I am currently carrying...
This Coach bag was found last year at the Coach outlet in San Marcos on our trip home from San Antonio.  They were having a huge sale and I got this little gem that was originally marked at $549.00 for......$78.00!

Here are the contents of my purse...
Wallet, 3 sets of keys, 2 chapsticks-I have an obsession with Natural Ice chapstick, $4.00 and some change, an empty sippy cup, make-up bag, broken hair clip, package of Wet Ones, band-aids, 2 packages of Colgate Whitening Wisps, a red pen, gum, Crackberry, lipstick, pick (which I have since discovered people don't use on their hair anymore, weird!), receipts from today's purchases, Bed Bath and Beyond coupon, a mound of Wet Naps from Rosa's, fruit snacks, baggie of goldfish, Kleenex, hand mirror, camera, and my notebook.
I hope I win $20.00 and Monty Hall is behind door #3!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Blog Challenge Day #1: Behind the Blog

For Day 1 of the Blog Challenge I wanted you to know the lady behind the babbles.
I put my husband up to bat to tell you 10 things about me that you may not know and then I created a list of 10 things about myself as well.
Husbands list:
1.  Brooke has a Hershey Kiss toe (I had to change the name of my toe to make it PC, that is not what he calls it normally!)
2.  Brooke worked at Take It Home Video when she was 15.
3.  Brooke was grounded for a whole summer for sneaking out of the house to go meet a boy.
4.  Her nicknames are Booger and Doodle.
5.  She was the driving force behind me breaking out a window at church camp.
6.  Brooke hates touching drains or any open grates.
7.  She loves Hot Tamales in her movie popcorn.
8.  As a child, she had wolf tendencies and it was reported that she would sometimes howl at the dinner table.
9.  Brooke is scared of the Superman ride at Six Flags and once cried the whole time we were riding it.
10.  In nursery school she stuck a rock up her nose for fun and then her parents proceeded to take her to the doctor to have it removed-not fun!

My list:
1.  I always have an escape plan wherever I go in case someone gets all "Godfather" on the place.
2.  I hate touching door handles anywhere in public.
3.  I LOVE grotesque things like popping zits and plucking wild hairs.
4.  I am scared to touch the inside of my belly button.
5.  When I am in a dressing room I will (a) grab the flab around my middle and make it talk and/or (b) do crazy dances to the elevator music piped into the changing areas.
6.  Squirrels are my favorite animal and I have been known to have a secret voice I use to talk to them. Very much a squirrel-whisperer!
7.  When it would rain and I was in the backseat of the car as a child, I would look out the window and pretend I was in a music video and sing my heart out.  Hello-channeling my inner Debbie Gibson!!!
8. Believe it or not, but I was the tallest girl in my 5th grade class.
9.  I am a firm believer that every house should still have a Yellow Pages phone book-to heck with technology!
10.  I am obsessed with things being in their perspective places, like the sink faucet MUST always be in the middle of the sink before I can leave the house.

I hope you enjoyed Day 1 of the blog challenge.  Day 2 will be...
Let's Make a Deal
Empty those purses ladies and let's see what's inside!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blog Challenge Introduction

As you may or may not have noticed until this past week I was in a blogging funk.  I had so much to tell about but just didn't want to spend the time creating a blog.  It's a lot of pressure to be witty and funny and have cool pictures and not have crazy blank spots in your post.  Ugg!  So as I was sitting in my bed one early morning or 11:00ish in my Pj's watching old episodes of Storage Wars (cool), I thought of my friend Amanda and how she always has cool posts and her writing sounds just like how she talks in "real life" with cool pictures.  I remembered that over Spring Break, she and a co-worker did a blog challenge and it was so fun to read every day!  Voila, an idea was born!!  I called my great buddy Chelsea and proposed a blog challenge to get me out of my writing funk.  After a series of calls, google searches, and texting you are in store for 10 days of rip roaring, side splitting, good ole blogging fun!  Check back daily and see what the days topic is and better yet, join in and do the challenge too! 
Here are my 2 best blogging buddies...
This is Amanda.  She is the genius behind the Blog Challenge idea.  I'm guessing she is spending her summer vacation doing some Sherlock Holmes type work!
This is Chelsea.  She is my partner in crime for the blog challenge.  She hearts pretzels and so does her baby!  She also might be one of the coolest humans I know:)  Let me know if that helps me win anything from your blog this week!
You can check out her hilarious blog here.

Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Summer

 More rewinding...

We have had a busy start to our summer!  Here are some biggies that have happened so far to the Woods' crew...

At the Petting Zoo at school

Face painting

Swim time at the pool

4D movie at Legoland

Luke and Dad built a car to race
Here's to more summer memories!
Starting Monday, this chickie and I are going to be doing a Blog Challenge.  Check back daily to see what our theme of the day is!

Happy Friday Peeps!

End of the School Year!

Still in rewind mode...

The end of the school year is always a hectic time. This year was no different. I was blessed with some great room moms this year and wanted to share the parent gifts I made them to say "Thank You"!

The popcorn boxes are from the Target dollar bin.  I stuffed the boxes with their favorite movie treats, movie gift cards, and a note that said, "Thanks for Poppin' In This Year!" 
I am not crafty, so I needed proof I could actually pull something like this off:)
The next picture is my wonderful team (minus Melba).  Unfortunately, KISD has been hit hard by the budget deficits in the state and the lovely lady in green was a casualty of this atrocity.
Melissa came to our team when our other teammate Paige took maternity leave with her triplets.  Melissa came everyday to shadow Paige, without pay, to learn how to best serve the kids in the classroom. 
You are an amazing teacher.  Your awesome gift has been put on hold under some crazy circumstances.  Keep your head up, even though that may put you into the trees or something. LOL!  Our team will NOT be the same without you.  I will miss you like crazy and I know there are some big things in store for you.  Love ya!

Hail To The NO with a Twister thrown in for good measure!

We are playing "catch up" at The Babblings of Brooke so here is the scariest thing thing that has ever happened to me in all my 33 years! I am no stranger to spooky, unpredictable weather living in Texas. I really thought we had dodged the Spring storms this year until this fine Tuesday in May. At this time we were still staying with Keko and Dodi and I had just gotten home from gettin' my hair did when the TV was blaring with warnings and weather predictions.No biggie, just some thunder storms, right?
Mike and I pride ourselves on always keeping a tidy garage and always being able to park in it, but this time there was no room in the inn for our 2 cars. Boo! We were pummeled with hail for what seemed like an eternity. Once the never-ending hail storm ended, Mike and Shane proceeded to forecast the weather from outside in the front yard with all the other phantom neighbors on my sister's street and Sara and Luke played angry birds and did an occasional Facebook drive-by in the master closet.
Where was I, you might ask?
Oh, I was the complete psycho running from the front yard in my slipper shoes to the closet screaming for the guys to take shelter and getting water bottles for the closet patrons, (which never made it off the kitchen table) like a crazed chihuahua dog!
Once the meteorologists, husbands decided that the swirling , twirling clouds above Fencerow were enough to come in and take shelter, we all (Sara, Shane, Mike, Me, Luke, and Brutus the 1 million pound German Shepherd) sat really quiet in the closet.  This is where the little girl in me, who was afraid of WIND, cried silently in the corner while holding my child who cared nothing about a storm, or tornado, or death.  I prayed that we would be spared by this twister and live to see another day.  Within minutes, the clouds parted, the sneers were made towards me, and all the neighborhood reconvened to small talk about our "near death" experience.  I will never live down my crying in the closet or my rampant running around the house, but I am thankful we made it with a few or 12 car dings and a new house that needed some new gutters before the move in!  I am so happy its summer and the storms are far, far away for now!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Big Top!

This little gem we call "Big Top" has been the main culprit in my blog hiatus since Mother's Day.
We officially moved in over Memorial Day weekend with the help of lots of family and friends. We have been spending several weeks getting settled in and making our house look more like a home. The current project in Big Top is the media room/MAN CAVE! Mike and his Dad have been painting and preparing the room and the media equipment is being delivered tomorrow. So you can say tonight will be the last time I see my husband for a long while!
Here are some pictures of the house currently...pardon our progress!

Happy Belated Blogaversary!

The Babblings of Brooke turned ONE on June 9th! Yep, my little one is all growed up!
Sorry for the belated wishes old girl! I have loved using you as my outlet for all things Woods and my promise to you in the coming year is to spend more time with you!

**More great things are in store to celebrate our blog**