Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Woo Hoo for the Zoo!

Preschool Zoo Field Trip

When Lucas' preschool class planned a trip to the zoo in April I was all in to go.  Oh, how NOT fun the zoo can be when you are in charge of an entire class, but as a parent I LOVE field trips!  For backup we took along Papa and the 3 of us planned a day in Fort Worth.

The fearless line leader of the day!
MOLA!  What, What!!

Lucas and his right hand man, Papa.  This is proof that as a grandparent you will do ANYTHING for your grandchild.  My Dad LOATHES turtles, even if they are only statues, and thus he sits perched atop one for a picture with his boy!

The stare down...who will blink first!

A Pa, a Pal, and a Pachyderm

A trip to the zoo would not be complete without a lunch break here!!
Oh my!!!

Hippity Hoppity

Easter 2012

This year for Easter we actually did some celebrating with just the 3 of us.  Luckily we did because about 2:00am on Easter Sunday Lucas woke up screaming with ear pain. Several hours later we were leaving Care Now with a double ear infection.  Needless to say, we spent Easter waiting at Walgreens and doing a drive by breakfast at McDonald's.  Here are some pics of our earlier events to celebrate Easter.

Dying eggs with Kool Aid, courtesy of Pinterest!

The Easter bunny did not like the hot temps so he did a drop off indoors this year!

Monday, June 18, 2012

He's a Whole Hand!

I cannot believe I have a child that is 5!  Seriously, I can't really call him a baby anymore or carry him around without getting weird stares.  Yes, I am still cutting up his nuggets and buckling him in his car seat!  These are things that I will work on, but maybe later!
For this guys birthday he wanted to celebrate with his 2 favorite loves:  Angry Birds and Bounce Houses!
Therefore, a Let's Jump Angry Bird Birthday was scheduled!  A friend from high school made his
Uh-mazing cake and all his school friends came to share in his big day!

Addressing all the invites with his favorite buddies!

The cake!

The cake was a total surprise!  The boy loves cake almost as much as Angry Birds!

The Angry Bird crew!

Our awesome friend Melissa made him a "Super Luke" cape!  Just what every 5 year old boy needs!!!

Happy Birthday to the most precious young boy I know!

Spring Break Style!

Every Spring Break the family plans an "outdoor experience" in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.  This year the threat of weather for the entire vacation made us get a little more creative with our wilderness plans.  Here are some fun things we chose to document along the way!
The train ride never gets old!  This year we did get to see deer along the tracks!

Woods exploration! 
We found a skull of a small animal and 2 stray cats that hung near the cabin and cried all the time!

Pony up!
Luke's first horseback riding experience.  He loved it!

Dodi got in on the action too!

Of course there was a birthday celebration!

The look of surprise!

The key to this guys heart...Angry Birds!

Rock skippin!

Pizza makin'!

Rainy day nappin'!

Lone card playin'!


The trip was a blast despite the rain and multiple roof leaks:(
We love this time to spend as a family and hope to keep the tradition going next year!

She's Bringin' Bloggin' Back!

I wish this guy was helping me out, but sadly he's off saving the world, one cute wink and a smile at a time!

I have been quite possibly the worst blogger on the planet and the fact that my blog even still exists is a miracle. I have so much to catch up on in the blogging world, so grab your reading spectacles and be prepared for some good 'ole Woods family reading!