Thursday, December 24, 2015

Walmart online grocery shopping!

I have heard about doing your grocery shopping online with Walmart!  I've questioned people, looked at it online, and Monday made my first online order!
Let me just say, THIS.IS.AMAZING!  It is so easy to use and so worth your time!
On Monday, I made my grocery list, minus organizing my list by aisles in the store.  I then went online at and typed in my list. The only thing I could not find online was tissue paper for wrapping, but other than that I could find everything on my list.  I then had to select a day and time available to pick up my order.  There is some pre-planning involved.  You cannot shop and pick up on the same day.  Before checking out, you can select items that you are okay with substituting if the item is not available.  Then you pay with a card online and you are set.  I placed my order on Monday and selected to pick up on Wednesday.  You are sent a confirmation to your email and it will allow you a certain amount of time to edit your order if needed (I edited my order about 4 times!)  Then on Wednesday I received a call about 15 minutes before my 10-12pm time slot telling me my order was ready for pick up.  I told them I could be there within 10 minutes and was asked to call them once I was in a parking spot.  At my Walmart, they have signs posted showing you where to park for online grocery orders.

 I did have to make a couple of loops around before one of the 4 designated parking spots opened up.  I then called them back and gave them my letter I was parked in.  An employee was out at my car within a minute with my order.  She showed me a print out of my order and shared with me if I had an substitutions, which I did not.

 I then signed and she told me I could get back into my car.  She loaded all my groceries and at the end handed me my eggs to keep up front with me and I was on my way home.

 10-15 minutes tops from leaving my house to leaving the store!  I came home and double checked everything just to make sure!  It was all there.  The only negative I would say is ordering produce.  I am picky about bananas and I would have picked different ones than they picked and my red onion was giant and I would have chosen a smaller one, but other than that-PERFECT!
I would definitely recommend this service to anyone!  Such a time saver!
Here's a link to place your very own online order: