Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fix #1

 I have heard a lot about Stitch Fix and read many reviews from customers.  Me not being a big shopper for myself and loving to get any kind of mail I was all in.  To begin you have to fill out a style profile.  This was by far the hardest part of the process.  I don't really know what my "style" is??? Teacher chic, lady of luxury, bargain babe-oy vey!  I also am not really sure what my body type is:  small chest-yes, big booty-yes, normal shoulders-yes, average hips-yes, boyish figure-no way, apple shaped, pear shaped,banana shaped-who knows-I try not to spend that long looking at myself really.  So you can also upload your Pinterest boards to show what kinda styles you most like.  In addition to all the body image loathing you can simply just type your Do's and Dont's for everything from patterns, sizes, trouble areas, and a big one for me your price zones!  You set your fix to come as frequent or infrequent as you like and you are set!   Each fix you are charged a $20 styling fee,but if you buy anything from your fix that $20 is credited to your purchase!
So all set for February 11th!  I followed that tracking number like a vulture follows his next kill!  Came home to this fabulous box on the front porch!
 Inside the box you receive 5 items, not all will be clothing if you opt to have jewelry sent as well.  My box included 2 shirts, 1 pair of pants, a jean jacket, and a necklace.  I had the hubs photo me in every outfit and consulted my stylist, Lucas from the shower to rate each outfit.  Please do excuse the wore out look and wild hair.  We are on the T25 bandwagon and this was taken after a 25 minute butt kickin' from Shaun T!

The Mel Woven Top:  $48.00.  Loved it, got great reviews from Lucas, but for me the length was a little too short.  It showed some belly action if I raised my arms!  This one was a send back:(

The Ivy Petal Print Blouse:  $58.00.  Thought I would hate the print-tried it on and loved it, Lucas loved it and Sophie obviously loved it also!  Keeper!

Anita Skinny Pant:  $78.00.  I knew these would not be a keeper before trying on.  First the price is a little steep and no skinny pants allowed at work.  Plus can you say muffin top-gag!  They did feel so comfy-but got a round of NO's.

Callie Denim Jacket:  $74.00.  Who doesn't love a soft denim jacket.  Unfortunately this one fit a little too snug for me and my armpits.  I also already have a jean jacket that I love, so this was a send back also.

Missie Hammered Bar Necklace:  $28.00.  I loved this.  Lucas and Mike said I looked "gangster"!  I took it as a compliment but it was not intended to be one!  I don't wear many shirts that would show it off so it was a send back too!

Included is a picture guide as to what you can coordinate your pieces with-very cool!

An itemized receipt and you get a 25% discount if you keep all 5 items!

My only keeper-so happy to have gotten at least one thing.  This is something I would have never even tried on in a store due to the print.

The items that are not keepers go back into a pre-paid envelope and you mail it off within 3 days.  You share your thoughts and complete a return survey.  You rate your items, confirm payment for your keepers, and tell them what you are sending back.  You also can schedule your next fix.  I scheduled my next one to arrive on April 8th!   My overall impression was I really liked it and it was fun to see what someone else picks for you.  They say over time your boxes will get better as your stylist learns what you like and don't like. 
If you would like to try your very own Stitch Fix you can use this code to begin your adventure!