Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Breathe, Therefore I Pinterest!

Pinterest=obsession!  I love it so much that I wake up thinking about it, check it during my planning time, look at it at red lights, and dream about it!
I am not AT ALL a crafter.  I don't have a craft room, own a scrapbook, possess a Cricut machine, and can barely use a paper cutter and a hot glue gun.  So when I Pinterest I solely look for easy DIY! 
Here's an easy wreath I made for Valentine's Day and it only took about 30 minutes and cost about $7.00 to make!
Materials:  foam wreath, yarn, wooden LOVE sign, ribbon, and hot glue gun

Step one:  Add small dab of hot glue to the back of the wreath to attach the yarn.  Wrap, wrap, and wrap away!

Attach the ending piece to the back of the wreath with another dab of hot glue

Add ribbon to hang from door hook. 

Hot glue your embellishments and VIOLA!  A yarn wreath!!!

Christmas 2011

Christmas gets more and more fun each year!  I think back to how boring the Christmas season really was without Lucas!  This year he was VERY into Santa and we did our best to not talk too much about him.  Last year we talked a little too much about the BIG guy and he was completely freaked out on Christmas Eve!  Here are some highlights from our Christmas season!

Lucas loves to visit Santa and will talk his ear off!

December birthday boys, Mike and Ryan!

Leaving oats for the reindeer

Uncle Steve gave Luke some binoculars to look for Santa and his sleigh! 
Luke saw something but said it was an alien!

His note to Santa

Milk and a Christmas Tree cake for Mr. C

Dune Racer from Santa

Poor guy got nothing...

Sophie got some treats and a new knee!

Working out with his new boxing set

Going to the movies with an Angry Bird!

Elf on a Shelf!

Anyone who thinks that the "baby years" are the hardest should savor every minute of that time, because when your child gets older and thinks with their own brain and can clearly and most defiantly disagree with your brain, hang on tight. Enter our Christmastime lifesaver, Smiley the Elf. This guy was "adopted" from Target and given the name Smiley by Lucas. Anytime near or far when Lucas was having a "moment(s)", Smiley could see or hear everything going on and he would dutifully report this to the BIG guy! We had a blast waking up every morning and looking to see what Smiley had gotten into the night before.
Rice Angel elf
Lego battle elf
Bubble bath elf
Good buddies elf
Candy buzz elf
Chillaxin' elf
Joy riding elf
Gamer elf
Big Pimpin' elf
Locked out elf
Pretty elf
Movie buff elf
Just hanging around elf
Polar Express elf
Book club elf
School elf
5 o'clock shadow elf
Snowball fight elf
Thirsty elf?
Really thirsty elf
Pretty Fly for a Pie Guy elf
Tree trimming elf
We are in search of  the Cupid elf, Easter bunny elf, Leprechaun elf....YOU GET THE POINT!!!!!!