Thursday, April 9, 2015

Fix #2

The day finally arrived...Fix #2.  That was the longest 2 months!  I requested that this month they style me for our upcoming family trip to Disney World.  I wanted comfy clothes appropriate for Florida! 
The box arrived on Wednesday and I could not get home fast enough to check the front porch!  I was a little apprehensive to tear that puppy open in the event it was decked out with Mickey ears or character shirts!!  We are still keeping this trip a secret from Lucas!!!!!!
Poor guy, he had an abnormally early bedtime, so I could hide in the closet and rip that box open!
I was pleasantly surprised with all 5 of the items sent this month! No ears or character clothes! The box was filled with a cross body bag, a lightweight dress, a pair of shorts, a sleeveless top, and a pair of capri jeans.
The best part of the fix was the sweet note from my stylist this month.  She wished us well on our vacation and sympathized with my petite frame and the trouble finding clothes that fit right!  What a nice person!
Ok, down to the clothes...
After trying everything on and getting the reviews from Lucas and Mike I ended up keeping the Papermoon Lexis Knit Top and the Florence Colorblocked Dress!  They are both perfect for work and weekends!  I don't think they will be going along with me to Disney-that's reserved for Mom shorts and Disney tees!!!!!!!!
I tried everything on and Lucas took the pictures this time.  I seriously need to learn how to take selfies-that kid can always find my very worst angle!
Here is what my Fix #2 included!
Loved this colorblocked dress!  KEEPER!

The top was a KEEPER!  The capri jeans-RETURN!  Weird stitching in the front!  

The shorts were really cute despite this picture, but a little too tight on the booty! RETURN

Cool cross body bag, but I already have a similar bag! RETURN
I have heard from several people that the longer you do Stitch Fix the better it gets.  I can now say I agree!  This only being my second box and I loved everything, even though I am returning more than I am keeping!  Can't wait for June to get here for Fix #3!

Are you interested in trying Stitch Fix?  If so, use this link and schedule your Fix today:

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