Saturday, June 1, 2013

No big deal-it's just a CYST!

I always struggle at the beginning of Spring with my face.  It always has a freak out on me!  I usually blame it on the end of the school year stress, some poor eating, and my increased sweat glands when it gets this humid.  Well, just like in years past, my face began to freak out at the beginning of May.  I knew this meant a trip to the Dermatologist, but still hesitated...
One Sunday we took Luke to a birthday party at a trampoline park and while I was jumping my brains out I felt my right eye start to hurt  on the brow bone.  It continued to hurt that day and the next morning my eye was swollen shut.  I immediately called the Dermatologist and set an appointment for later in the week.  Obviously a swollen eye is not an big deal in the dermatologist community!  My eye kept getting more swollen and I kept blaming it on my Rosacia.  Everntually some of the kids in class started to get worried that something was wrong with my eye and asked if I was okay!  There was many a remedy and concoction applied throughout the week.
I expected going in to the doctor to get a new topical cream and a new script for some oral meds.  Umm, wrong!
It was a giant cyst that needed to be lanced open!  What the What!!!!
I mean I love all things that can be extracted but this was not what I was expecting!  After several shots to my face and some intricate slicing and squeezing this is what I came home looking like...
 My face is NOT this wide-silly camera!
Don't worry!  I rocked that band aid all day!  Took Luke to soccer practice, ate Rosa's and grocery shopped!  I think the cashier felt sorry for me and honored my expired coupon!
Oh, and Justin sent me this amazing get well!!

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