Saturday, June 1, 2013

Playing Hookie!

I planned a little surprise hookie day for Luke.  The night before we went to the Ranger game and I knew we would be getting home late, so I planned for the 3 of us to have a hookie day on Friday! 
Luke had no idea where we were taking him...
The Sea Life Aquarium

This is the aquarium inside Grapevine Mills Mall.  Earlier in the year we went on a first grade field trip and the kids loved it!  I knew the aquarium would be a ghost town if we could go during the week and  I knew they had scheduled feeding throughout the day so we planned to be there for those!  It was a seahorse feeding day and you should have seen all the baby seahorses eating.  Some were no bigger than the food.  We also bought back stage passes.  This was the best money spent by far!
We got a personal tour of all the aquarium tanks and we were able to see the sea animals from a whole new perspective.  They shared some interesting stories about the animals.  We got to see where they feed them and make their food daily.  The coolest part was getting to see the 2 sea turtles they had recently rescued and learning their amazing story.  I'm bummed I don't have pictures of those 2 guys, but I was really busy crying over their sad stories and asking a million questions to the marine biologist!  Mike and I were in nerd heaven, Luke was a little bored and probably a tad bit embarrassed!

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