Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beach Bums Part Deux

More beachy pics...
The pathway to paradise...
Me and my Boo!

Does it get cuter than this?
Luke and Bella

Luke watching out for crabs!

The perfect ending!

Beach Bums

After all news reports of doom and gloom on the Gulf, we decided to brave the oil and head to Destin, Florida with the Adams' fam for a week of fun in the sun! When we drove up I caught a glimpse of heaven. The water was a tri-colored blue, the sand was as soft as pillows and as white a sugar, and the smell was that of a fish taco!!!! Here are some pics of the wonderful Florida beaches that have survived the fiasco in the Gulf...
The sandcastle condo made by Chris
Mr. Crab
This dude loves snacks over the ocean!
The Dub's invade the Gulf
Our first sight of heaven


We are back from our relaxing 7 day sabatical to the beach! I plan on blogging like crazy about this amazing trip to Destin and the fun we had there! Feel free to check back in about a week if you would like to avoid my constant rambling of our fab trip!

#6 of The Top 10 Reasons I Love Summer!

#6: Rappin' in your 'Roos on a rainy summer day!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Thank you to the 2 best father's I know!

My Dad and his ladies!

Luke with his Daddy!

Father's Day 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Great 8

On Tuesday, June 15th the Mr. and I celebrated 8 years of marriage. Each year we simplify the anniversary a bit more! This year, M brought me home a card and Lillies. Uggg~I just knew he would do nothing so I opted to do the same! Boo on me!!!!! I'll get him some seagull poo or sand in the pants on vacation! Anyways, we spent the evening chillin' with the besties and making final vacation arrangements over pizza and silly talk of making inappropriate vacation shirts and the Spanish word of the day!!! So, M.W. in honor of eight great ones here are 8 reasons I am glad to be married to you...

8. You can turn on some serious dance moves, whenever/wherever!

7. You like to play tunes on your marriage belly!

6. You can rock a beautiful yard to come home to everyday!

5. You are a wonderful and loyal provider for our family!

4. You will NEVER say no to sweets!

3. You love fashion more than any girl I know!

2. You try hard at everything you do!

1. You LOVE Luke and me unconditionally!!!!!

Here's to at least 80 more!

Top 10 Reasons I Love Summer!

If you know me, you know that summer is NOT my favorite season. I am more of a fall/winter girl! I enjoy cool warm clothes, cold weather, a lack of Vitamin D, and No Sweating! I am a really bad sweater (CS)! No, I will never tell what that means!!! So, in honor of summer I am counting down the top 10 things I do love about summer! I hope you enjoy your summer and keeping it sweaty!

#10: Snow Cone Sundays

#9: Swimming with Besties!

#8: Going to Pirate Paaarghties! Happy 1st b-day Cohen!
#7: Summer reading at the library
Keep on the lookout for more....

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wickedy, Wickedy, Wow!

My summer officially kicked off Tuesday with a group of teaching buddies to see Wicked, the musical! The evening started with an almost 2 hour, white knuckled car ride to Fair Park! Holy cow, I was never so glad to be a passenger and not a driver! Thanks Denise for getting us there with only a couple of near death brake slams and some super hard core snaking in long traffic lines! We all met at Fireside Pies. Duh-wi-chious! Everything from the drink to the pie was yummy! We made it to valet with about 5 minutes before curtain call. The show was mind blowing! Many times I caught myself forcing my chin to close my mouth and lots and lots of goose bumps! The night ended with a photo op with the cute male lead (who smelled as good as he looked) and some awesome girl talk on the way home! Thanks to our wonderful principal for setting the tone to a WICKED summer!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So, here goes nothing!

Hi! My name is Brooke and I am addicted to other people's lives! Therefore, I am going to attempt to recreate the awesomeness I see on other blogs into my very own! This first post feels like the time you go and get some new cut bangs and you worry no one will notice or the time you bake a new recipe and not a single soul comments you on your deliciousness. It's just a lot to live up to!!!!!!
So here's goes nothing or something or somewhere in between.
Thanks to my wonderful, blog saavy friend Chelsea, who gave up her Wednesday morning to help create this new addiction for me! Love ya girl! Follow me into The Babblings of Brooke and I promise you won't be bored or at the very least you will feel very normal after reading!!!